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Connection Issues

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 08:52PM BST
Overview: For unapparent reasons, you may be experiencing connection issues in Faeria. Fortunately, we have effective protocols to make sure that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible.

Step 1: Check Steam's Status
  • A lot of the time, the issue is actually on Steam's end. We recommend using a website like​ to check if the Steam servers are experiencing any issues.
    • ​If Steam is having some problems, then try waiting a bit until the issues subside or are resolved

Step 2: Check Your Connection
  • The problem may lie in your connection to either Steam's or Faeria's servers. Please try restarting your router, along with your computer. This can help to speed up the connection if the issue is with your internet.
  • Also, make a note of whether you are experiencing this issue in other games, or only in Faeria. ​If you are experiencing the issue in other games too, then the problem most likely lies on either your end or on Steam's end. If the issue is only occurring in Faeria, then it is a problem on our end most of the time.

Step 3: Check With the Community
  • You can also try checking with the community to see if others are experiencing the same issue(s) as you. We will always post in the #announcements channel in the Official Faeria Discord Server whenever there are connection issues.
  • Additionally, in the #general and #support channels, there will usually be other players who are talking about the same issue, which can be another form of validation regarding whose end the issue is on.

Step 4: Submit a Support Ticket
  • If you do not find any of the above tips to be helpful, then you can always submit a support ticket to us. We will always help to resolve the issue at hand.
    • ​You can submit a support ticket by E-Mailing with the details of your issue.
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