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Discord Ranks

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 07:11PM BST
Overview: On the official Faeria Discord server ( you will see that some users have different colored usernames than others. These colors correspond to a certain rank that the user holds on the Discord server.

  • Community Manager
    • Community Managers are employees of Abrakam, who can officially represent the company. They manage all aspects of the community (like the title suggests). They are all extremely friendly, so feel free to ask them anything! They may be Yaks, but they don't bite! 
  • Dev
    • Devs are the game developers for Faeria. They can officially represent Abrakam, and are employees of the company. Feel free to ask them questions, but they are usually very busy, so if they don't respond, simply ask a Community Manager!
  • Moderator
    • Moderators are users who help to keep the community clean and free of negative content. They are not employees of Abrakam and cannot officially represent the company. They are extremely knowledgeable about the game, so feel free to ask them anything!
  • Architect
    • ​Architects are community developers that create websites, tools, and content to support Faeria. They are not affiliated with or employed by Abrakam. If you are interested in obtaining the Architect rank, feel free to message a Community Manager!
  • Caster
    • Casters are officially approved casterd, streamers, or observers during a tournament event.
  • Monthly Cup Player
    • Monthly Cup Players are designated users who are qualified for the next Monthly Cup.
  • Bot
    • ​There is only one user who can handle the power of the Bot rank, and that is YakBot. Although YakBot is helpful, he cannot answer every question, but he will try the best he can! Remember that he is 100% Yak, so if YakBot cannot answer your question, feel free to ask a Community Manager!
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