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Full Collection Gold Refund and Malus

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016 09:28PM BST
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Overview: When you purchase the Full Collection, you will be given a gold refund for any previously opened packs, at 100 Gold per opened pack. Now when disenchanting a card, a "malus" will be applied to your potential gold refund when purchasing the Full Collection, based on the rarity of the disenchanted card. This is to account for any extra Memoria you accumulate from disenchanting Booster packs.

Malus Values:
  • Common: 5
  • Rare: 20
  • Epic: 90
  • Legendary: 350

Example: If you’ve opened 10 boosters, you are normally refunded 1000 gold on purchasing the Full Collection, at 100 gold per booster. If you now disenchant 4 commons before purchasing the Full Collection, you will now have a total “malus” of 20 applied, meaning your refund will then be 980 gold, to account for the extra Memoria you’ve accumulated.

Note: You will receive the full amount of spent Memoria for each previously crafted card when purchasing the full collection.
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