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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 06:50PM BST
For more information this topic, please see the following news post:

These are the Rarity Gems. We just finished polishing them, so they are extra shiny!

Overview: Rarities define how likely you are to get a certain card from a Booster Pack or while drafting a deck in Pandora. In general, cards that have a higher rarity are more effective than those of a lower rarity, however this is not always the case. A good deck takes cards from all four rarities to be as effective as possible in Faeria.

  • Common - 
  • Rare - 
  • Epic - 
  • Legendary - 

How Rarity Changes and Disenchanting will Work: As always, we will allow players to disenchant cards that have changed in design or reduced in power level for one week at full value. However, this gets a little trickier when we introduce changing card rarities. We have automatically applied the appropriate refunds for this with the update. Here is how it worked:

For each account, we compute a "Memoria" balance:
  • If you had Card A and it switched from LEGENDARY to COMMON, you AUTOMATICALLY EARN the DIFFERENCE of the FULL CRAFTING (not disenchant!) values.
  • If you had Card B and it switched from COMMON to RARE, you "LOSE" the difference of the full craft values
  • In the end, you may have a Memoria balance that is negative. If negative, NO MEMORIA IS REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. If the sum is positive (because you mostly lost rarer cards for more common ones instead of the other way around), the complete sum is given as Memoria to you.

Once again, this has all been done automatically. You should have nothing to worry about, and should be appropriately compensated for Rarity changes in the form of Memoria.
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