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Code of Conduct

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016 11:04PM BST

Please note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive and Abrakam reserves the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. Action taken may be more lenient, or severe, than those listed in each category.

General Conduct

We ask that all users of the forum act in a civilised and respectful manner to each other. Whilst this is, in part, a competitive game you have to ask yourself whether you want it to be friendly competition or one that is toxic. CCGs are naturally an environment of opinion and this generates heated debate; if you disagree with something on the forum then remember it’s the ‘How’ you do this, as well as the ‘What’ and ‘Why’

Language and Mature Content

The diverse beliefs, interests, and backgrounds of a community necessitates posts to align with this exciting and interesting environment. The following forms of language, image, and external link type are not allowed on the Abrakam hubs and will result in a temporary ban, leading to a permanent ban if persistently infracted or of a sufficiently serious nature:

  • Is pornographic in nature
  • Is inappropriate to human anatomy or bodily functions
  • Promote racial/ethnic hatred
  • Are recognized as racial/ethnic slurs
  • Allude to a symbol of racial/ethnic hatred
  • Refer to extreme and/or violent sexual acts
  • Refer to extremely violent real life actions
  • Negatively portray major religions or religious figures
  • Promote national hatred
  • Are recognized as national slurs
  • Allude to symbols of national hatred

Illegal Activity

Any invitation to carry out, plan, or execute any activity which, in accordance with prevailing law, could be categorized as unlawful or illegal is strictly forbidden. As such the following actions are not allowed on any Abrakam hubs and will result in a temporary ban, leading to a permanent ban if persistently infracted or of a sufficiently serious nature:

  • Passing yourself off as an Abrakam employee to post false information.
  • Passing yourself off as a Forum Moderator (volunteer or otherwise).
  • Reference to abusing illegal drugs.
  • Reference to performing illegal activities.
  • Reference to piracy/copy-written infringement.
  • Posting links to cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses / programs.
  • Buying or Selling accounts for Real Money.

If you would like to report information regarding cheats or hacks to Abrakam, email us here or on our bug reporting page.

If you would like to contact a moderator, report a moderator, or discuss a disciplinary action that has been taken against you, the please use the following forms of communication

DM a moderator
email support
report here

Please remember that, ultimately, Abrakam and the moderators of Faeria want the community to enjoy themselves both within the game and on the forum. The above rules are in place to ensure that environment is maintained, but it is up to you self moderate. Please consider that whilst certain types of conduct, language, images, etc. may not be offensive to you, it may be highly inflammatory or offensive to others. We are all here to enjoy Faeria and let’s keep that in mind above all.
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